What if (Random thoughts)

What is the earth never existed, the space out there vast and lonely What if life was a myth, entities struggling with theories What if galaxies out their floated around with no one to tell their tales What if Keplers, heavenly bodies had no name, no act of associate What if life was a possibility […]

That Different Angle

It has been a while since I engaged myself in writing down something. I would say it might be the hustle factor even though one can’t just miss an opportunity to scribble down a thing or two. That aside, a lot has happened, am talking changes and growth everywhere. A couple days ago, I witnessed […]

Batman and Robin

They all look up to me Trust me with their lives Old woman wants me to take care of her Cat Old man tips me off of an impending break in Young lad wants to abuse drugs under my nose Expect me to rid them off their transgressors Lock them up in dungeons Some will […]

Before the Cist (Part II)

I’ve been in here for ages The scent was unfamiliar The cloth was sparkling The switch was by my ankle I heard of hymns a far A sermon I could not comprehend Faint sobs of veiled widows With a glass inches from nose I couldn’t feel my breath Stares of sombre faces peeped at me […]

Fifth letter to my daughter

To my beautiful princess, Much more years have passed since I wrote to you a letter. I know you are getting into youthhood and soon you will leave me behind. You remember the first time I took you to school and what I said to you?..Never to worry because I was waiting for you outside […]

Infantry Love

Engulfed in anxiety Engines roared inconsistently Fast on our seats With sweat saturated head amour We clutched on our rifles Murmured short prayers With our loved ones potraits clasped in our fists Heights were alittle scary The red light was on The shaft vibrated as it slowly opened The green light came and it was […]