What if (Random thoughts)

What is the earth never existed, the space out there vast and lonely
What if life was a myth, entities struggling with theories
What if galaxies out their floated around with no one to tell their tales
What if Keplers, heavenly bodies had no name, no act of associate
What if life was a possibility with no proof to show for
What if at the dark distances of the space, ETs are making frantic efforts
What if the universe was another playground with struggles of existence
What if there is no grand architect and Big Bang valid
What if earthlings matter mastery was all hoax
What if the earth was just another infinite chance in the realm of the universe
What if the shot callers were mocking the worldly quest
What if the earth was just a pawn in the universe game with an automatic self-destruction mechanism

That Different Angle

It has been a while since I engaged myself in writing down something. I would say it might be the hustle factor even though one can’t just miss an opportunity to scribble down a thing or two. That aside, a lot has happened, am talking changes and growth everywhere. A couple days ago, I witnessed a shocking incident where my colleague committed suicide by setting herself and her two kids ablaze in her house due to what is purported to be a marital dispute. I get it, at times the pain can be that unbearable but taking one life? That’s a little over the board. This got me thinking about what an obnoxious relationship can do to you.

Let’s talk about anything relationship. Am posing a question as to what exactly a good relationship entails. I know it is more a cliche with an indefinite answer and that is the beauty of it. Self proclaimed life coaches like myself tend to come up with this mirage of things people should do or not about everything relationship. Am pointing out that, that is utterly wrong. When two meet and see fit to get into something, they deal with a lot, talk of compatibility issues, baggage and so forth. I tend to believe that if they can work around most of those, probably they can make their ‘thing’ work. We all possess bunches of flaws and I think it would be wiser if only we understood them so that next time we get quick in pointing out specks in other peoples eyes, we already know of the logs in our own eyes.

Most of us at some point, we have been in relationships that have been intoxicating and tiresome. At the end of the same we were able to pick a thing plus that when going to the next one, we are sure to watch out for. It can be a good thing or a baggage that will let you have no peace. For an instance a story of this beautiful lass who has been a number of intoxicating and abusive relationship, therefore carried things to every other relationship she began. She became paranoid at everything her new guy did. When he would ask about stuffs, probably in a harmless inquiry but she would draw her own conclusions without understanding every ninja has his own shortcomings and deficiencies. She would doll up all these secrets and opinionated ideas about men species in the universe probably to worst end. Most times relationships wither away because couples choose not to talk. They conjure all kinds of emotions, bear hatred and eventually become disinterested with each other. Am a believer that total and open communication concerning the tiniest bit of discomfort such as ..You asking me how I got these shoes without thinking I could buy them myself or why go through mails in my phone without considering I don’t touch your phone. (some mistrust right there). Talk about just anything.

I wish we could all muster the art of rational reasoning, that is careful consideration before acting. I know for sure people do commit mistakes, some worth forgiving others just too violating but still we ought to be sane about everything. In relationships at times couples get careless and do disgraceful things to their pact such philandering, physical and emotional abuse among others. These can push stress levels to unimaginable heights consequently leading to persons resorting to extreme measures. Am hoping we can all learn to deal with issues with all the sanity we can personally amass. I cannot begin to explain the pain one undergoes in such times due to dynamism of each relationship but one thing that should be agreed upon is constantly learning to be amicable. If one day we could all walk through the streets with our thoughts transparent, I trust we could all go home appreciating the little murk on our soles because out there, there are people waist deep in shit. My verdict, we can never have relationship problems too much bigger for this life, so switch your phone off, listen to music and talk to a friend lest we snap.

I ain’t a relationship guru here (I would leave that to Chris Hart, he found this), I was just giving this my two cent angle.

Batman and Robin

They all look up to me
Trust me with their lives
Old woman wants me to take care of her Cat
Old man tips me off of an impending break in
Young lad wants to abuse drugs under my nose
Expect me to rid them off their transgressors
Lock them up in dungeons
Some will return a hand of gratitude
Some will trash my zeal
Call me a looter
Brand me corrupt
Rogues call me the impaler
In a world full of imbalances they expect me to put up a facade of utopia
And be the Batman and Robin

#WanjiruMuthee will understand

Before the Cist (Part II)

I’ve been in here for ages
The scent was unfamiliar
The cloth was sparkling
The switch was by my ankle
I heard of hymns a far
A sermon I could not comprehend
Faint sobs of veiled widows
With a glass inches from nose
I couldn’t feel my breath
Stares of sombre faces peeped at me
A tender touch of a chubby little girl tickled my nose
Am waiting to never wake up

Fifth letter to my daughter

To my beautiful princess,

Much more years have passed since I wrote to you a letter.
I know you are getting into youthhood and soon you will leave me behind.
You remember the first time I took you to school and what I said to you?..Never to worry because I was waiting for you outside the gate, you went in and left me watching your back.
Now you are getting into another phase of life and I can’t keep that up much longer.
It is a phase full of suprises and new discoveries, for I will tell you some and some you will tell me.
First, I will start addressing you as woman, I know that sounds gross but that is the reality.
I will keep my watch but promise me you will never stray away.
I will stand in the sidelines and show you the way.
Boys will look at you and I know you will know how to look at them.
Changes will happen to you but I trust you will understand.
I will always adore you and stick out for you much I can.


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PROLOGUE (To the memoir; BUSIA: Stories in this town)

In my budding years at Mauko, nostalgia crept in
I remember King Mobutu and his love for prestige
I relished the tales of Chief Masinde and his unusual powers
The Midget Anyole at ‘Soko Posta’ made good our hairs
Osore was nicely vulgar old hag
There was Sabina, the hood joke
Huge Ojuku made us love Basketball in the hood (Read Homeboyz club)
The Kadima brothers ruled the streets
Lolo made soccer look like a dream
Waceke was the fairest of them all
The farm Tangerines created trouble for us over vacation
Skinny dipping at ‘the dam’ made us walk home naked a couple times
Wafula’s vegetables were everyone’s delight
Okinyo was ‘The Headboy’
‘Mugombera expeditions’ to Mundulusia were fun adventure
Burumba school, in mud-walled classes, we learnt some science
We nursed our ailments at the Mr. Magak’s clinic
The water lines at ‘Kwa Shosho’ were gossip point
Japolo with his water cart came in handy during dry seasons
Country side hotel made kid’s Christmas jolly
At ‘open roof Check-in’ restaurant I learnt first how to jig ‘Ndombolo’
‘Club Villa’ was legendary as teens got their first kisses
Goat roasting chronicles of ‘Stingo’ are unforgettable
Photo sessions at the ‘Sewage’ recycling plant were so cool
‘Mr. Kapepa’ lashed us a couple times for being naughty by roadside
Mama Adhiambo had too many fishes to fry
Sweet Sandra made me dream
Sofia town sounded more like Las Vegas
Eli’s point was the jobless corner
Senior Ekurutu was among the few who defined our politics

Coming soon! 🙂

Infantry Love

Engulfed in anxiety
Engines roared inconsistently
Fast on our seats
With sweat saturated head amour
We clutched on our rifles
Murmured short prayers
With our loved ones potraits clasped in our fists
Heights were alittle scary
The red light was on
The shaft vibrated as it slowly opened
The green light came and it was moments to go
The darkness plunge felt like an abyss drop
In the turbulent fall, air parcels hit through our faces
Like soaring Eagles, we steathly cut through the air in our chutes
Shelling mortars
Rattling bullets
pierced through serenity of the night
Down we had grounds to cover
Unsure of what was to befall
We surged ahead
Our artillery on check
It was game on
A walk into uncertainity with hope of coming back home tomorrow